How To Increase Anomaly Power

In “Outriders: Worldslayer” Anomaly Power is a stat that increases the damage dealt by melee, skills, and status effects, making it an important stat to increase (via ManaWar). According to Sirusgaming, the best way to increase this power is in the “Outriders: Worldslayer” skill tree, which is tacked on to the base game’s original skill tree. If your focus is on dealing damage through the three methods affected by Anomaly Power, you should stick to the lower half of the new skill tree, as each node provides a percent increase to your Anomaly Power.

That’s not the only way to increase Anomaly Power, however. You can also get a boost from your armor and some armor pieces can even be enchanted with shards to give an even bigger boost to Anomaly Power. The skill tree is still going to be the main way you bump up your Anomaly Power, but seeking out better armor sets and the shards that upgrade them can give you that extra boost you might be looking for.

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