How To Get The Fortnite Major Mancake Skin By Playing Fall Guys

Players who want to stroll around “Fortnite” as a pancake person will want to head to Epic Games Store and download “Fall Guys.” After recently becoming free on the Epic Games Store, the celebration extended to “Fortnite,” where players will be able to claim free rewards — Major Mancake included — after completing several Crown Clash challenges in “Fall Guys.”

Per Eurogamer, there are five challenges players will need to complete in “Fall Guys” — but thankfully they all revolve around simply participating in matches. Like “Fortnite,” “Fall Guys” is a battle royale of sorts. However, instead of fighting each other directly for the last spot, players compete through gameshow-style platforming courses until there’s just one left. To earn the Major Mancake skin in “Fortnite” players will need to partake in 100 total rounds. Luckily, each match can go for up to five rounds, but it’ll be up to players to stay in the competition that long.

Once the challenges for playing through 10, 20 40, 70, and 100 rounds have been earned in “Fall Guys,” players will be able to log back into “Fortnite” and claim their rewards. As YouTuber EveryDay FN shows, in addition to the Major Mancake skin, players will net themselves some additional cosmetics, like a new spray and a fork stuck into a pile of pancakes as a pickaxe. Interested players will want to act fast though, as the free rewards are only available until July 11.

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