Will Overwatch Loot Boxes Transfer To Overwatch 2?

During a June 22 Reddit AMA, the “Overwatch” team at Blizzard took the time to answer some questions from the community about the upcoming sequel. Specifically, one of the thread’s most upvoted questions asked if loot boxes would transfer over to “Overwatch 2.” The “Overwatch” Commercial Lead quickly replied, explaining that ahead of the launch of “Overwatch 2,” all loot boxes would automatically open, and the contents would be transferred to the player’s inventory. This is good news for anyone who is hoarding loot boxes and doesn’t want to hold down the space bar to unbox all of them.

Additionally, in the same reply, the “Overwatch” Commercial Lead stated that all credits, OWL tokens, and competitive points would also transfer over to “Overwatch 2.” However, they also mentioned that the new main virtual currency of “Overwatch 2” would be the only way to buy certain items and that the team will release a more detailed explanation at a later date.

Some have theorized that the exclusion of loot boxes in “Overwatch 2” could be partly due to Blizzard’s recent loot box-heavy title “Diablo Immortal” getting banned in multiple countries. Additionally, loot boxes are becoming a hot topic in the US, as even Texas Senator Ted Cruz has addressed the topic as it relates to his own gaming. Now, thanks to Blizzard’s open communication, gamers can continue to enjoy “Overwatch” without stressing out about opening all of their loot boxes before “Overwatch 2” launches.

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