How To Fix Xbox Series X Black Screen Issue

Anyone experiencing a black screen should first perform a complete restart. Hold down the power button for 10 seconds, ensure the consoled turned off, and turn it back on by pressing the same button. This works as a possible solution to the screen going black after returning to the Home screen. You can also try unplugging everything from the console other than the HDMI cable, Ethernet cable, and power cord. This fixes the issue for many, as external devices can produce a black screen during updates.

If the console boots into a black screen immediately, it may be a connection issue. To fix this, first ensure the TV and console are powered on, the correct input is selected on the TV, and the HDMI cable is in the ‘out to TV’ port on the Xbox. If all seems in order, users should try to connect the Xbox to another TV to see if the TV is at fault. If nothing changes, the HDMI cable may be causing the issue, and you should try using a different one.

Finally, if gamers only experience the issue when starting a Blu-ray disc, they may need to change their Video output settings. To do this, head over to Profile & System > Settings > General >TV & display options. From here, select “Video modes” and then turn off “Allow 24Hz.”

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