Dr Disrespect’s Real Life Behavior Confirmed

Dr Disrespect’s upcoming battle royale, codenamed “Project Moon,” and his new development studio, Midnight Society, have raised some eyebrows in the gaming community. The studio’s approach to alpha and beta testing via its Founders Pass – a selective, paid process – has concerned and confused some fans, particularly in regards to the studio’s use of NFTs. Regardless, it seems as if the Doc has things under control at Midnight Society, even though one of his devs recently left due to allegations of “abusive leadership.” Don’t worry, though. Dr Disrespect wasn’t the oppressive boss.

Ryan Mitchell (a.k.a. Lorumerth on YouTube), a former dev from Midnight Society, recently posted a short YouTube video explaining why he chose to leave the company. Mitchell works as a digital marketing and content specialist, helping games reach wider audiences while also creating his own content for Twitch and YouTube on the side. In the explanation for his resignation, Mitchell set the record straight by saying up top, “This toxic person is not Dr Disrespect. I had nothing but good interactions with Doc. He’s extremely creative, and his presence at Midnight Society still makes me confident that the studio as a whole … is going to succeed.” 

While the other unnamed party at Midnight Society might be causing trouble for staff, the Doc was apparently nothing but a joy to work with, creatively dedicated to the game he wants to help create. Hopefully, that passion translates to the game itself and creates an outstanding experience for champions everywhere.

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Written by bourbiza

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