The Most Legendary Players In Gaming

For fighting games to stand out amongst their competition, they typically need a novel mechanic of some kind. “Street Fighter 3” perfected the parrying mechanic that allowed players to gamble on their defensive maneuvers. Blocking attacks in “Street Fighter” games greatly lessens the blow, but small amounts of HP are still chipped away when using blocks. Parries, on the other hand, could be performed by blocking within a certain frame threshold of the attack landing (generally 6-10 frames), and instead of taking a small chip of damage, the player would negate all damage entirely and set themselves up for a quick counterattack.

At EVO 2014, a matchup between all-time great players Daigo Umehara and Justin Wong produced the most legendary fighting game clip of all time in “Street Fighter 3,” known as “Evo Moment #37.” In the match, Justin had Daigo on the ropes, only needing to land one single attack or have multiple attacks block-chipped for the set to end. Justin’s character, Chun-Li, had an ultimate ability ready that threw out 17 rapid-fire attacks, so using it in that situation was seemingly a kill-move, simply because nobody could parry 17 frame-perfect attacks in a row — except for Daigo. 

From one parry into another, the crowd became more riled up. A few seconds later Daigo, had done the impossible and counter-attacked for the win. Nothing cements legendary status more than doing what was once thought impossible, and Daigo proved he belongs among fighting game royalty.

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