How Counter-Strike Went From Half Life Mod To A Massively Influential FPS

The first “Counter-Strike” had a couple of names including “Half-Life: Counter-Strike” and “Counter-Strike 1.6.” Of course, this was because of two dudes who originally created it as a “Half-Life” mod instead of an original project. Its two creators were then-college students named Minh “Gooseman” Le and Jess Cliffe. They finished the game in 1999 and let people download it for free, after which it became a huge hit. It was big enough that Valve, the developer of “Half-Life,” sought the two out and hired them for the development for an official “Counter-Strike” game. Valve also bought the rights to “Counter-Strike” and its following installments.

“Counter-Strike” is the name of the first version of the game officially published under Valve. Minh and Cliffe also had a considerable hand in creating this game. It launched in 2000 for Windows, OS X, Linux, and Xbox One and received critical acclaim from notable publications including IGN, GameSpot, and Game Revolution. The New York Times also reported on it as one of the first games to receive a fantasy esports league. Minh and Cliffe continued working on the series together until Minh eventually left to work on his own game. Cliffe stayed with the company until 2018 when he was imprisoned. So, out of the two, Cliffe was the only one involved with “CS:GO.”

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