Every Major Detail We Saw In The Gotham Knights Gameplay Demo

In a press release, WB Games announced the cancellation of the last-gen “Gotham Knights” versions, revealing instead that the game will be exclusive to next-gen consoles and PC. With the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X|S nearly two years into their life cycles, more and more developers and publishers will likely look to the future and start creating titles meant for the new generation, leaving the old one behind. There are, however, some concerns with this strategy pertaining to “Gotham Knights.”

Though it isn’t ugly by any means, many observers pointed out that the game doesn’t quite reinvent the wheel when it comes to graphics. Additionally, “Gotham Knights” seems to struggle with janky animations and frame rates that falter during intense action sequences. The most notable example of this in the trailer occurs when Red Hood fights a heavy Court of Owls enemy type. While both enemies seem to use supernatural powerups and fiery attacks, the frame rate slows to what can only be considered a crawl.

Of course, “Gotham Knights” is still a work in progress and a lot can happen between now and October. But given this game’s technical issues at this stage, it hasn’t really justified its existence as a next-gen exclusive.

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