How To Beat Adan, Thief Of Fire

According to GameRant, Adan, Thief of Fire functions like a scripted invasion instead of a regular boss fight. This means he is roughly the same size as the player character and he can heal once in the fight. It’s also important to note that you cannot summon spirit ashes for Evergaol fights, so you will have to take him down yourself. Adan wields a large flail and uses fire magic when he attacks. He has a slight resistance to fire damage, but most attacks deal plenty of damage to him.

Adan’s biggest attack is a giant fireball that tracks the player. This deals massive damage but can be avoided by strafing away from it or timing a dodge roll. Outside of that, he has massive combos with his flail. While Adan doesn’t have a single massive weakness to exploit, he is easily staggered. This means using a large weapon and two-handing it can result in him being staggered frequently, opening up a chance to perform critical hits. He is also susceptible to ranged attacks, since those will keep him from regaining his poise. Even throwing knives can be used to keep him staggered. As long as you can avoid the big fireball and continuously stagger him, Adan, Thief of Fire should be taken down pretty easily.

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