Here’s How Armor Synthesis Actually Works

Before Guardians are able to show off their best outfits, they’ll need to complete a few tasks to help the returning Ada-1 get a new Tower function operational. First, players will need to speak to Banshee-44 in the Tower’s Courtyard and he’ll redirect players to Ada-1 in the Annex, just opposite the Drifter. This new location is called the Loom and it’s the center for acquiring the vital components that make Armor Synthesis possible. After introductions, Ada-1 will ask Guardians to head to Europa to find a¬†BrayTech processor that she needs to get the complicated machine started. The trip to Europa should be a short jaunt for players, as there are no significant challenges standing between them and the processor.

Once players make it back to the Tower and then to Ada-1, they’ll be able to connect the BrayTech processor to the Loom to get everything up and running. For your trouble, Ada-1 will reward players with five Synthweave Bolts, Plates, and Straps. The three different types of Synthweave are each compatible with a single Class; for example, only Titans use Synthweave Plates for Armor Synthesis while Hunters and Warlocks use Synthweave Straps and Bolts respectively. Now that Guardians have their first bit of Synthweave, they can start using Armor Synthesis through the new Appearance Customization menu.

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