Best Games That Have Aged Poorly

Sorry to burst your bubble. Call it a “masterpiece” or the best “Zelda” game of all time, but seriously go hook up your N64, give that controller to someone who plays games today and tell them to go wild. They won’t last an hour.

The truth is “Ocarina of Time” was a revolutionary game for its time and is still very much worth playing. It set the template for the next 25 years of action-adventure games and that is the primary reason it doesn’t hold up as one of the best games of all time. From its early attempts at a pseudo-open world to the infamous Z-targeting combat, the elements of “Ocarina” that defined it have been iterated on for decades now. Most of the dungeon design holds up, while some of it doesn’t, and the camera, especially in the original version, is a relic of a different age. Critically acclaimed modern masterpieces like “God of War” or “Dark Souls” owe a lot to the first 3D “Zelda,” but our advice? Just play those games instead.

Today, more modern rankings of the series will commonly place “Breath of the Wild,” “Link to the Past” and even the (at the time) controversial direct sequel “Majora’s Mask” above the N64 classic.

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