Super Contests In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl Explained

Unlike most of the game, raising a Super Contest winning Pokémon has nothing to do with battle strength. Judgment comes down to the Pokémon’s performance, moves, and “condition” which is composed based on one of five stats: Coolness, Beauty, Cuteness, Cleverness, or Toughness. A player can enter one of their Pokémon in a Super Contest show by talking to Nurse Joy in the Contest Hall, selecting the category they’d like to enter, selecting the rank they’d like to enter at, choosing the Pokémon who will be competing, and then finally choosing a Ball Capsule to use in the contest show. Players may also pick their characters’ outfits in order to best match their Pokémon.

There are four ranks to climb in Pokémon Super Contests: Normal, Great, Ultra, and Master. Players can also enter Shining Contests once their Pokémon has been the Star of the Show in all five categories in the Master rank, (don’t worry, players don’t need to catch a shiny Pokémon to enter.) Players can move a Pokémon up in the ranks by winning a competition of a given trait at the previous rank.

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