How Much A Pokemon Game Boy Color Was Actually Worth On Pawn Stars

In Season 18 of “Pawn Stars,” a seller named Jason comes in looking to pawn off a limited edition Pokemon-themed Game Boy Color. Jason says he acquired the handheld console one night when his friend won it at an arcade. According to Jason, he paid his friend $25 on the spot for the Game Boy, recognizing it for what it was, and came into the shop looking to sell it for $2000.

Unfortunately for Jason, he has to sell the console to Corey — the son of Rick Harrison and one of the main cast members on “Pawn Stars” — who flat out admits he knows nothing when it comes to Pokémon itself. Corey calls in an expert, and it’s here that the sale starts to take an unwelcome turn. The expert tears apart the condition of the box itself, and even though the Game Boy is still sealed, he drops the price down to $1200, citing a “crushed corner” and indents on the box. When the expert leaves, Corey gives what has to be one of the coldest takes ever spoken in television history, stating that he believes we are “in a video game bubble right now” and offers the poor guy $300. After some lackluster negotiating, Jason ends up parting with the console for only $400.

It’s almost guaranteed that the console would have sold for more online, and I’m sure Jason wishes he could take that sale back, all things considered.

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