Terrifying Moments In Non-Horror Games

“Thief: Deadly Shadows” is the third entry in a series about, well, being a thief. Throughout the games, players pilfer from a procession of aristocrats and nobles to amass a small fortune of stolen goods. It’s mostly a fun time, which makes the “Robbing the Cradle” mission from the last quarter of the game all the more jarring for how frightening it is to play through. See, Shadlebridge Cradle was once an orphanage before half of the building was converted into an insane asylum. As Polygon’s Russ Frushtick points out, that’s already a terrifying concept on its own, even before you get to the supernatural stuff.

Yes, that means that the building was home to both an abusive orphanage and an asylum simultaneously, so nobody has a right to be surprised that it ended up haunted. As players explore the building, they find a number of accounts that detail what exactly happened there, including the torturous treatment of asylum patients and terrible murders of some of the orphans.

To make things worse, the building is also inhabited by haunted puppets that contain the souls of previous patients. But wait, there’s more! The building is also a conscious entity, complete with its own memory, desires, and mind. The building is so powerful that it can even trap people inside for eternity, or until their inevitable death.

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