KartRider: Drift Release Date, Trailer And Gameplay

As has been the case since “KartRider: Drift” was announced, there are two main gameplay modes: Item Mode and Speed Mode. According to an update from Nexon shared on the PlayStation blog, Item Mode allows players to race and collect no more than two items “to attack, defend, or support your allies in team-based races.” Variety is assured with more than 15 different items to discover, and more will likely be added over time. As for Speed Mode, “players that enjoy fast-paced, competitive racing” will get to fill up their boost gauges by drifting. Nailing the drift will unlock a “boost item” that will allow gamers “to blast off ahead of other karts.” Timing and strategy will be the name of the game.

“Deep character and kart customization” were also touted in the blog, with 7 characters and over 20 kart options available for the beta. As for the tracks to be featured in the beta, there will be more than 30 available, including a lava landscape, enchanted forest, and a bunch more, including those featured in the recent gameplay trailer. Unreal Engine 4 graphics are responsible for the game’s stunning visuals. The game promises to stay current with large-scale updates, so it has the potential to stay fresh for quite some time.

With all that’s been shared about “KartRider: Drift” so far, there’s still more to come. Gamers interested in test driving this title for themselves can sign up for the Closed Beta Dec. 8-15, 2021.

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