Ella Purnell Dishes On Arcane, Hailee Steinfeld, And Army Of The Dead

You also worked on the Netflix movie “Army of the Dead” with Zack Snyder. What was it like working with him and Dave Bautista? And how did the two Netflix experiences compare?

Oh yeah. They’re both Netflix. Wow — did not put two and two together. That’s funny. My brain is not working. It was good. It was a great experience. It was, again, like something [I’d] never done before. The past three or four years for me, I’ve been actively trying to do new things and try new things and see what I like, and yeah. Being an action film and especially being like a pretty gory horror action film was yeah. 

Something [that] is [a] completely new experience and just being around that many prosthetics and zombies and guns and like all of that stuff is just, it’s like a weird little bubble. And then it’s done, but Zack’s [an] absolute legend. Love him to pieces — would follow him to the end. He’s just such a great guy and amazing energy. Yeah.

And what about Dave Bautista?

Dave is great. Yeah. He’s such a professional, and he is like astoundingly emotional in his performance. Like his eyes just carry so much emotion. And he’s a great team leader, which was perfect for the role, but you know, he really gathered the troops and on days where, it’s a big cast, and on days where we were tired, or just energy was down, it was just hot, like a thousand degrees in Albuquerque. Yeah. He would just rally the troops and get us all jazzed. It was great.

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