The Best Way To Beat Metroid Dread’s Final Boss, Raven Beak

The third phase takes Raven Beak back to the ground, where he’ll start using familiar and modified versions of both of his previous move sets. One of the big ones to watch out for is the wide beam from Phase 2, only now he will lock onto Samus and track her for 2-3 seconds before firing. The attack feels intimidating at first, but it’s easy to bait him upwards before turning Samus’ cannon on him when he discharges his attack in the wrong direction. 

The laser field, dash attack, and swipe attack all make a reappearance here in their original forms, so the methods for dealing with them haven’t changed. He continues to throw the black and purple orbs from Phase 1, which can be shot for health and ammo, only now he also throws glowing orange ones that look like tiny suns. Players should turn into a Morph Ball and hit these with a Power Bomb as soon as they see them.

Aside from a few new attacks, the tactics for beating Raven Beak here are very similar to the ones from the earlier phases. Players need to simply focus on dodging attacks, disrupting the orange orbs and firing every single time there’s an opening. After all, all that’s left to do is kick back and enjoy the ending of “Metroid Dread.”.

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