Small Details Only True Fans Noticed In Metroid Dread

A big hook Nintendo leveraged when marketing “Metroid Dread” was the concept of the E.M.M.I. encounters. These robots that hunt Samus down will kill you in one deadly strike, which is nearly impossible to counter. “Dread” both evolves the concept of the SA-X in “Metroid Fusion” and cashes in on the trend of AI nemesis enemies that hunt down the player in games (popularized by the likes of Mr. X in “Resident Evil 2”). At the end of the E.M.M.I. sections, you must always fight a large, round, metallic-plated brain called a Central Unit. This will grant Samus access to the Omega Cannon, a temporary power-up that allows you to kill E.M.M.I. units. 

The design of the Central Units, with their giant exposed brains and massive eyes in the center, might look more than a little familiar to fans of the games. They bear a strong resemblance to classic series boss Mother Brain, as well as the Aurora Units in “Metroid Prime 3.”

On the official Nintendo America Twitter account, Nintendo did more than subtly suggest that these brain-like creatures are indeed references to Samus’ nemesis Mother Brain. The company tweeted a clip of Samus with a Central Unit, along with a reference to the familiar design — and a conspicuous brain emoji.

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