The Untold Truth Of Ryan Hurst

What could be next for Ryan Hurst? His roles have taken him everywhere, from the bloody fronts of war to the ravages of the zombie apocalypse. If there’s been a through line in Hurst’s career, aside from the uniqueness of his characters, it’s been a pull towards deep, dramatic content. Though his fans are pleased by this meaty material, that doesn’t mean that Hurst is always on the lookout for intense work that calls for violence, brooding, and tragedy. In fact, he’s pointedly interested in lighter fare.

“I don’t get to do enough comedy,” Hurst told Beardbrand. War movies, he explained, are “physically, emotionally, and psychologically draining.” By contrast, “Whenever you are making a comedy, it is just the best feeling.” Happily, he recently got a chance to dig into some sunnier material as Milligan on the Disney+ show “The Mysterious Benedict Society.” If Hurst has his way, there’s plenty more laugh-a-minute work to come. As he put it towards the interview’s end, “Any sort of comedy is where I would be headed.”

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