Welcome To Raccoon City Trailer

Blink and you might miss an a reference to the iconic opening scene from “Resident Evil 2” and its remake, almost seamlessly recreated for “Welcome to Raccoon City.” 

Things start innocently enough, with a truck driver calmly driving down the highway, listening to a radio program. Then, after hearing an ominous comment about monsters on the radio, the driver encounters a corpse on the road. Things don’t go so well for the driver, as the body begins to rise behind him, presumably to attack. Later, the driver returns, fully overtaken by whatever affliction is affecting the city, driving his semi straight into Leon and Claire. The original “Resident Evil 2” also features a truck driver who gets attacked by infected people and chases after Leon and Claire, but the scene is structured a bit differently.

The trailer for “Return to Raccoon City” shows a driver that looks extremely similar to the one in “Resident Evil 2: Remake,” sporting the same well-groomed beard and hat. In the trailer, the driver’s eyes are completely black, with dark veins creeping along the edges of his face. While the short sequence doesn’t show him chasing Claire or Leon, viewers do get to see his semi overturn, crashing right in front of the Raccoon City Police Department.

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