These Cheaters Really Sucked At Cheating

Cheaters aren’t exactly known for their common sense. Many cheat-users would rather take a shortcut — any shortcut — than put in the effort to learn how to play properly. If something seems too good to be true, then it usually is, but cheaters tend to grab onto any advantage, risks be darned. This mindset makes them ideal targets for malware, particularly when it’s malware designed to punish cheaters.

ScriptKid is a relatively obscure YouTuber who has made a decent side gig out of coding fake cheats. His modus operandi is simple: create a Trojan designed to mess with anyone who uses it, dress it up like a “legitimate” cheat, advertise the program to would-be cheaters, and then let them make fools of themselves whenever they try to use it. Oh, and upload the results to YouTube, of course.

So far, ScriptKid has produced Trojan cheats for “PUBG,” “Minecraft,” and “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,” and his videos show the creative bag of punishments his programs use to make cheaters own themselves. These include automatically dropping grenades to blow up in users’ faces, automatically shooting allies whenever they move in front of crosshairs, and dropping cheaters into a private server populated by a giant toilet — and subsequently drowning them in it. And yes, the giga-toilet has a brown clump at the bottom that you don’t need explained.

Though it’s been a while since ScriptKid has posted a video, they are still working hard on baiting cheaters and posting the resulting self-owns online.

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