Tragic Details About Pokimane

Pokimane has been forced to ban hundreds of thousands of people from her Twitch streams, showing the tragic scale of online harassment she has to deal with.

During a conversation with a Twitch software engineer, Robinlemonz, Pokimane casually asked how many Twitch accounts had been banned from her account. While Robinlemonz didn’t reveal the total figure, they did estimate that about 350,000 real Twitch accounts had been permanently barred from entering Pokimane’s chat.

The fact that so many individuals have chosen to log on to Twitch with a real account to post offensive, vulgar, or demeaning comments to Pokimane’s chat is a bit overwhelming. While the streamer certainly has plenty of admirers, considering that she has amassed over 8 million subscribers on Twitch¬†alone, dealing with that level of negativity daily is a sobering reality for someone who has built a public identity on creating an inclusive, positive space for fans.

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Written by bourbiza

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