Company Of Heroes 3 Release Date, Trailer And Gameplay

In addition to the combat showcased in the preview, there’s a full “Company of Heroes 3” gameplay breakdown announcement on the official game site. The game is set from the summer 1943 to 1945 in the Mediterranean Theater. Players have the choice to “recreate history or redefine it” in this immersive World War II-themed experience.

Players can enjoy three modes of gameplay: “deep, re-playable single-player mode full of choice, progression, and non-linear exploration,” skirmish modes for individuals or cooperative groups, and competitive multiplayer mode with 1v1 through 4v4 available.

New to the franchise is a “non-linear, decision-filled dynamic campaign map” that adds an additional strategic element. “Company of Heroes 3”¬†will be the biggest of the franchise with more maps and playable factions than ever before. Since choices shape how the story unfolds, there are many plot possibilities. Combat style, terrain, armor, abilities, weapons, and more have also been enhanced for realism and gameplay enjoyment.

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