A Plague Tale: Requiem Release Date, Trailer, And Gameplay

The “Requiem” reveal trailer doesn’t show any gameplay footage, but there are a few hints about what you might expect based on elements in the video that were also in “A Plague Tale: Innocence.”

Around the thirty-second mark, you see the series’ signature flood of plague rats rampaging down an abandoned street. Players of the first game will recognize these rodents as one of the key obstacles they had to overcome to navigate the tight corridors and underground caverns of “Innocence.” Stepping into the sea of rats meant being eaten alive in seconds, but you could navigate them with light from torches, braziers, and alchemic reactions. Players will likely see similar mechanics in “Requiem.”

The trailer also shows the return of the Inquisition. It only lasts a second, but you can clearly see the heavily armoured knight waving a torch. These ruthless soldiers served as the primary human antagonists of the first game and the source of danger that necessitated most of its stealth-based gameplay. Their leader, Grand Inquisitor Vitalis Bénévent was the final boss of “Innocence,” but it seems his death wasn’t enough to stop the organization’s hunt for Amicia and Hugo. This likely means you will encounter similar stealth and combat mechanics as well.

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