Pininfarina’s ‘virtual’ concept car features a holographic AR display

If autonomous rides ever free us from driving, more focus will need to be paid to car interiors. A new concept crammed with a mind-boggling amount of tech offers a vision of what that future may look like. If the vehicle ever becomes a reality, that is. Meet the Teorema, a virtual blueprint for the zenith of road transport. Or, a pipe dream, depending on your point of view. The breadvan-style car ditches doors for a rear entrance, made possible by a roof that extends upwards and forwards, and packs a holographic augmented reality (AR) display.


Passengers are guided to the five seats (laid out in a 1-2-2 formation) by a “foot-triggering” floor. Inside, there’s a spacious cabin where you can sit facing others or turn the chairs into desks or even beds. It’s all about creating a “social space” accentuated by the three driving modes, two of which (Autonomy and Rest) don’t require you to drive at all. If you do decide to take the wheel, you can watch the world through that jacked-up AR display — though that could prove distracting. Of course, the concept is electric.

Pininfarina Teorema


It helps to know that the Teorema is the brainchild of Pininfarina, an Italian design house associated with one-off car bodies along with numerous prototypes, some of which actually became production models. So, don’t rule it out altogether. Maybe, it could become a luxury commercial vehicle with some modifications. Either that, or a limited edition toy for tech billionaires like Elon Musk. Worse still, an NFT. 

Alas, it could also wind up on the scrap heap of concepts that never saw the light of day. You could accuse the Teorema of being too futuristic. But, that’s all the rage, right?

Pininfarina Teorema


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