How Long Does It Take To Beat The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD?

Nintendo released a special Loftwing and Zelda amiibo set that unlocks the ability to fast travel, even out of a dungeon. If you think you might want to take advantage of Link’s feathered friend, you’re out of luck, though. The amiibo sold out almost immediately, leaving a swath of angry “Zelda” fans in their wake. The whole amiibo situation got out of hand, and scalpers seemed to snatch up a large portion of the available stock. Of course, gamers can find the Loftwing and Zelda amiibo on resell sites like eBay for an outrageous price. While this amiibo can help players traverse huge parts of the map in record time, here’s no consensus on how the amiibo might affect speedrun rules, especially given their rarity.

Critics generally liked “Skyward Sword HD,” although some noted that the controls still felt unintuitive. Considering the mixed reviews, some “Zelda” devotees might want to make their own judgments about the latest release in the series. If all else fails, gamers can at least get another look at the infamous Toilet Ghost, who makes a reappearance in “Skyward Sword.” That guy is always game for a good time.

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