What Critics Are Saying About The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

If you didn’t already know, the original “Skyward Sword” came out in 2011, when the Wii was Nintendo’s pride and joy. That meant that the controls in the game were motion-based — if you wanted Link to use his sword, you had to get up and swing your Wii remote around. 

These original controls were not particularly popular, which is why Nintendo announced that it would be adding motion control-free options for the game. Unfortunately, some critics have noted that this alternate control scheme doesn’t live up to expectations. Travis Northup mentioned that the motion-free option is unintuitive, and that are “the exact same issues of inaccuracy as you’d get from motion controls.” Meanwhile, Andrew Webster found the game’s new free camera controls to be “a little wonky.”

Meanwhile, some critics found the game lacking in other areas, particularly when compared to the more recent entries in the franchise. Matthew Castle from The Guardian argued that the world itself was “unimpressive.” According to Castle, “the regions you skydive on to never convince as organic worlds to explore and unpick.”

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