What The Internet Critics Are Saying About Summer Game Fest

Not only did “Elden Ring” finally get a new trailer, but fans also got a release date: January 21, 2022.

The internet promptly went nuts. Fan art sprung up of favorite moments in the trailer and people shared stills of the captivating world glimpsed in the new preview. Even Twitter Gaming got in on the fun, posting a picture of Jim from “The Office” crying and captioning it with, “it wasn’t a dream, we really have a release date for ‘Elden Ring.'” Twitter user @YongYea felt that it was a great ending for a surprisingly good Summer Game Fest, and many gamers agreed.

The internet also had a field day with a new preview for “Death Stranding: Director’s Cut.” The trailer was “brilliantly stupid” in its references to “Metal Gear Solid,” as SweetPeachGames put it. In the clip, lead protagonist Sam Porter Bridges jumps inside a box in a hilarious attempt at a stealth move, only to change his mind when he can’t fit in the box. Twitter user @parmderp mentioned that the trailer “sold [him]” on the new game even though he hadn’t played the first one.

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Written by bourbiza

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