Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Release Date, Trailer And Gameplay

Though the trailer didn’t highlight any actual gameplay, the subsequent interview with Keighley and Burch did. Burch called “Wonderlands” a “high-fantasy take on a looter-shooter.” Though it has a lot in common with the mainline “Borderlands” franchise, Burch asserted that “Wonderlands” is “its own, standalone game.” As she explained, the new title draws inspiration from “Borderlands 2” DLC “Assault on Dragon Keep,” since this story was “beloved by the devs.”

According to the official site, “Wonderlands” will feature original mechanics, including spellcasting and deeper character customization. Players will guide an “amazing cast” through a “wacky world” to eventually defeat the Dragon Lord, voiced by Will Arnett. The game will include a full-length adventure campaign, cooperative gameplay for four, and post-game content to keep the good times rolling. With Tiny Tina as the bunkmaster, things are sure to get exciting for “Borderlands” fans and newcomers alike.

As Burch said, “if you love ‘Borderlands,’ you’re gonna find stuff to love in [‘Wonderlands’], and if you’ve never played a ‘Borderlands’ game, this is a great place to start.” More information about “Wonderlands” will be available “hopefully this summer,” according to Burch.

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