Metal Slug Tactics Release Date, Trailer, And Gameplay

From the trailer, fans can see that the gameplay style of “Metal Slug Tactics” is instantly recognizable, even if it is new for the series. The top-down perspective, often seen in tactics games like “XCOM,” allows a player to view the entire field o battle. The maps glimpsed in this trailer feature many of the same types of enemies and bearded hostages that players will recognize from previous games.

The gameplay footage demonstrates that players will be able to use the terrain to their advantage, as seen in one instance where a bomb strike drops a bridge onto the head of some unsuspecting enemies. There also seems to be a “sync” mechanic that allows players to chain character actions. 

Dotemu’s official description of the games adds some additional details. The studio describes “Metal Slug Tactics” as a “tactical RPG with roguelike elements,” which presumably means that players will strengthen and developer their characters throughout the course of a grueling campaign. The roguelike elements manifest themselves in “procedurally generated maps,” which the developer claims will offer infinite replayability.

Overall, “Metal Slug Tactics” seems like an exciting addition to a franchise that has been dormant for too long.

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