Lost Ark Release Date, Trailer And Gameplay

Characters split into 14 classes that fall under five categories: Warrior, Martial Artist, Gunner, Mage, and Assassin. Classes each have their own special abilities and stat distributions that give players advantages in certain situations. The “Tripod” skill system also offers three tiers of customization for each unique skill as the player levels up, giving them even more control over their combat style.

In their journey to find the Lost Ark, players traverse various continents filled with different cultures and creatures. Expect NPCs to task you with solving problems through strength, skill, or cunning. Players earn loot through main quests and different dungeons, depending on what kind of rewards they seek. Players will get to explore Arkesia in an open-world manner, as well as find allies to aid in their journey to defeat Kazeros.

Players will also have the ability to build their own Strongholds and settlements. In the press preview (via MMORPG.com), the developers described Strongholds as personal islands for the players. Mining, foraging, and other actions can help gather materials for building these areas. Players can invite up to 50 friends at once to just hangout or take on challenges as a group. 

The game’s PvP mode allows players to duel each other in 3v3 arena matches. Parties can also potentially help one another battle raid bosses in the future. Apparently, an open beta for open world PvP will release later this summer.

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