Games That Lady Dimitrescu Made Better

Many gamers grew up playing “The Sims,” even if we should never have been allowed to play it as a kid. While it’s not a horrifying game, “The Sims 4” becomes significantly more complicated once Lady Dimitrescu enters the picture. In this clip, ToastedShoes creates a character named Kyle, an everyman type, and puts him in a house with seven Lady Dimitrescus.

ToastedShoes doesn’t explain his goal in throwing Kyle into a den of Dimitrescus, but things take a turn once the crew gets settled into a house. Kyle begins flirting with the women, and eventually shares a kiss with Lady Dimitrescu. Well, one of them anyway. 

At this point, ToastedShoes determines there can only be one Lady D, and commands Kyle to begin killing them. Things get violent from there, as Kyle goes on a murderous spree until the cops show up to take him into the sky (naturally). 

While the Dimitrescu house experiment might have ended cruelly, Kyle got to live his dream for a short time.

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Written by bourbiza

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