Things Only Adults Notice In Resident Evil Village

Donna Beneviento might be a psychotic — if tragic — member of Miranda’s inner-circle, but at least she’s got her looks (even if she hides them, like, 24/7). Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the second most tragic figure in “Resident Evil Village.” 

Real talk: Salvatore Moreau is a monstrosity of a man, with bulbous pustules decorating his lumbering, hunchbacked frame and nematodes (parasitic worms) occasionally popping out from his back, wriggling like streamers dancing in a fan’s breeze. His penchant for throwing up his lunch isn’t so pretty either.

That said, it’s hard not to feel pity for someone so, well… pitiful. Obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed, and by no means a paradigm of physical strength or beauty, Moreau was coerced into servitude by Mother Miranda. He wasn’t even given a proper house like Lady D or a laboratory like Heisenberg. And yet, despite all of this, Moreau is unwavering in his commitment to his cultist “mother,” frequently admitting how badly he wants to make her proud. He even cries out to her in his last breath, begging her to save him before — POP!!

It would be so easy for less mature players to write Moreau off as just another monster. However, ignored right up until the end, Moreau exemplifies the craving for love that so many misfit characters feel toward their authority figures. And if that’s not heartbreaking, then you must be Ethan Winters. (Get it?)

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