The One Halo Game 25% Of Fans Would Eliminate From The Series

The game that the largest number of fans would be willing to see go, earning 24.81% of the vote, was the standalone expansion to “Halo 3,” “Halo 3: ODST.” The expansion arrived in 2009, over two years after the game it was built off was released, and some fans were surprised to find that they were no longer suiting up in Master Chief’s powered armor, but instead were filling the boots of ordinary drop soldiers. This meant that the experience lacked some of the gameplay mechanics of earlier titles, such as dual-wielding and power shields, which seems to have disappointed enough fans to vote it out of the series.

However, close behind in SVG’s poll was “Halo: Reach,” the final game in the franchise produced by Bungie, which was voted by 18.22% of respondents. “Halo: Reach” arrived in 2010, and like “Halo 3: ODST,” players once again abandoned the role of Master Chief. However, this time, they retained the abilities of the Spartans. The game was set in the “Halo” timeline as a prequel to the original and helped expand the story of humanity’s desperate struggle on Reach. However, fans of the series seem to prefer playing as Master Chief than as one of his doomed comrades.

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