Dream’s Minecraft Speedrun Cheating Scandal Explained

One of the biggest bombs that Dream dropped in his version of the events was the bias the team SpeedRun.com supposedly had against him, via Pastebin. He started by saying that he knew several of the mods weren’t fond of him, and it made him feel “targeted” by the group.

These feelings stayed around as he wrote that “multiple speedrun moderators [were] messaging [him] scary things about how it was a [disaster] and no one could agree on things … [and] that they were clearly biased against me.” Dream pointed out that they could have been lying and trying to get on the “good side” of the situation.

This is where he notoriously hired a professor to help confirm the mod numbers. The professor eventually found out that the numbers the moderators had come up with were off, and that Dream may have been able to beat the odds and get the speedrun that he did. This made the moderators look even more biased. But unfortunately for Dream, there was more than just an internal bias problem — he actually cheated.

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