Dream’s Interview With Anthony Padilla Was Very Revealing

Dream teased a face reveal once before, but it turned out to be a joke. When asked about his choice to stay anonymous, Dream essentially admitted it was all a mistake. 

“I just blew up so quickly and then it kinda became a part of the fanart, a part of the community so quickly. It was not a calculated move, it was just kind of something that happened,” Dream said. Once fans took to the masked appearance, he just continued to keep his identity a secret, determining that he’d do a face reveal someday when he was ready.

And it seems that a face reveal is indeed somewhere in Dream’s future. The streamer wants to make sure that he can “take full advantage of it.” Padilla suggested that Dream could sell out a major arena, but Dream laughed at the idea. He claimed he wanted to do something that wouldn’t make him the center of attention.

Dream said that showing his face would open him up to more collaborations, and that he’d like to work with MrBeast in the future. That collaboration would make sense, given that MrBeast has recently given away money via “Minecraft.” Dream might make the jump into IRL content after a face change, but he’ll always be that smiley blob to fans.

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Written by bourbiza

bourbiza is an entertainment reporter for iltuoiphone News and is based in Los Angeles.


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