The Full Story Behind xQc’s Many Bans

xQc’s ban from NoPixel’s “GTA” roleplaying server is complicated, but the offenses seem similar to his behavior on other platforms. First, xQc was on thin ice after breaking character in order to tell another player to kill themselves. He quickly had his first ban reversed and returned to NoPixel, only to be banned again, and again, and again. After his fifth ban from NoPixel, xQc said he was fine with the ban and figured he probably deserved it.

“Grand Theft Auto” roleplaying typically has a long list of rules associated with it and requires players to strictly adhere to them in order to remain part of a roleplaying server. xQc’s initial ban ruffled feathers, but a later ban occurred after xQc provoked two other players into breaking character.

On their respective streams, the two players launched into tirades about xQc and his dedicated fans. xQc tweeted that he didn’t intend to hurt anyone with his actions and that he deserved his ban. Despite saying that there was no malice in his actions, xQc got slapped with a permaban, meaning that he can no longer participate in “GTA” roleplaying with NoPixel.

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Written by bourbiza

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