Skyward Sword HD Differs From The Original

One of the key components in the original version of “Skyward Sword” was the Wii Motion Plus control system. Using the updated gyroscope, Link’s sword was supposed to directly mimicking the movements of the Wiimote. However, that all worked better in theory than in practice. With a new system and more technological experience under its collective belt, Nintendo decided to alter motion controls for the Switch remaster of “Skyward Sword.”

“Skyward Sword HD” will solve the original’s motion control problem by providing players with a few different options. Instead of relying solely on motion controls, “Skyward Sword HD” will also feature an optional handheld mode, which allows Switch or Switch Lite players to use the right joystick to control Link’s sword. This change may seem small, but it’s an important tweak for those who disliked the game’s finicky motion controls and want a more classic control scheme.

For those that want to enjoy “Skyward Sword” as it was originally designed, the Switch’s Joy-Cons will act as Link’s sword and shield, respectively.

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