The True Origin Of Nintendo Miis May Surprise You

It would make sense that the idea for Miis came from a creative program like “Mario Paint,” however, the concept traces back even further in time, to a peripheral that never made it to the States.

In 2007, Shigeru Miyamoto, famed creator of “Super Mario,” delivered a keynote presentation for Game Developers Conference (GDC). While rejoicing in the success of the Wii, he decided to offer his audience a history lesson and take everyone back to the beginning: the Famicom Disk System, a Japan-exclusive add-on that was supposed to be home to the Miis’ predecessor.

Miyamoto wanted to leverage the Disk System’s technology to offer a character creator. In his presentation, he showed off a prototype for a program that never made it to market. Just like when creating Miis, this program allowed you to select and reposition facial features to your liking, alter face shape, and pick a hairstyle. 

The character creator would have come with a separate disk that would allow you to bring your custom avatars to life, but unfortunately, Miyamoto’s idea was ultimately shot down. Regardless, the concept he came up with all those years prior would eventually evolve into the Miis that are known and loved around the world today.

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