Returnal Features That Were Never Possible Before

The DualSense’s adaptive triggers are another huge leap forward that arrived with the controller. According to Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Hideaki Nashino, the L2 and R2 triggers will allow you to “truly feel the tension of your actions, like when drawing a bow to shoot an arrow.”

TronicsFix did a teardown of the controller on YouTube which showed how Sony achieved this feat. There is actually a spiral-shaped gear inside the controller, which lifts a plastic limiter “that will change the resistance on the trigger.” This is another feature that “Returnal” takes full advantage of.

“L2 will lock halfway when pulled for a zoomed in Focus Aim (this also highlights enemy weak spots in red,)” PlayStation’s blog explained. “Pull fully down to activate your weapon’s alt-fire mode.”

Players have been loving this feature. According to frasco9 on Reddit, “The triggers are so intuitive, it feels so good to hear your Alt-Fire being ready and just pressing L2 all the way through, you really feel like you are firing an ultimate salve.” It’s always impressive when games manage to turn new hardware features into mechanics which would have been impossible on last-gen consoles.

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