Questions About The Pokemon Diamond And Pearl Remakes We Desperately Need Answered

As many Pokemon generations have had, there was a third game in the fourth generation of Pokemon. “Pokemon Platinum” released in 2009, two years after “Diamond and Pearl.” The game is an enhanced version of the originals, making a number of changes, both big and small. With only a reveal trailer to go off, one eagle-eyed Twitter user noticed an NPC in the “Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl” remakes that only appeared in “Pokemon Platinum.”

On Twitter, @voltimer_ noticed that an NPC was present in Floaroma Town in the trailer for “Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl” that only appears in the “Platinum” version of the original releases. The NPC will give you a Gracidea if you have a Shaymin with you, so they aren’t the most significant character around. Bulbapedia has a comprehensive list of every change made in “Platinum,” so hopefully the remakes include some of the meaningful changes.

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