How To Find Pale Ore

When players are ready to start upgrading the Nail and finding the elusive Pale Ore they need, the easiest way to start is by simply visiting the Nailsmith. To do that, players will need to unlock the Queen’s Station, which will open up the pathway to the City of Tears, where they will then locate the Nailsmith.

Upon meeting the Nailsmith, he will offer to upgrade the player’s Nail for just 250 Geo before informing the Knight that further upgrades will require Pale Ore. There are three more upgrades to the nail possible, with each boost costing one more Pale Ore than the last. This means that players will have to find all six Pale Ore pieces in “Hollow Knight” to reach the fourth and final upgrade, the Pure Nail.

In addition, each nail upgrade also requires a substantial amount of Geo, with the Pure Nail requiring that players bring three Pale Ores to the Nailsmith and also pay 4,000 Geo. As such, players need to ensure that they are saving as much of the underground world’s currency as possible while they hunt down the Pale Ore.

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