Games That Got A Second Chance At Life Because Of Streamers

“Sea of Thieves,” Rare’s co-op pirate adventure game, surged to the top of Twitch in January 2019 thanks to streaming stars. According to Esports Observer, the number of hours watched surpassed 1 million during that month. This was a huge jump, as previous reports rarely showed more than 500,000 hours watched.

Summit1g, who has a reputation as a variety streamer, took a break from playing “Fortnite” to become the most-watched “Sea of Thieves” streamer, and Esports Observer reported that his channel was the only one to consistently reach 20,000 concurrent viewers for some time. Summit1g reached 8.19 million hours watched and an average concurrent viewership of 36,000 people in January 2019, which actually made up about half of the game’s overall viewership. Other streamers like TimTheTatman, CouRage, and Ninja boosted the game’s popularity after adding it into their rotation, as well.

The excitement surrounding the game didn’t end there. Apparently, “Sea of Thieves” experienced another revival in May 2020. According to Esports Charts, Rare added content that caused viewership to rise by over 526% from late April into May. Yet again, Summit1g attracted most of the curious viewers.

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