Apple moves Siri’s speech recognition offline with new privacy updates

Siri’s speech-recognition capabilities can happen on-device beginning with iOS 15. The update will make Siri considerably faster and, in some cases, allow it to function without a WiFi or data connection. Apple announced the upgrade along with several other privacy updates arriving with iOS 15.

In the Mail app, Apple is adding a new feature to prevent tracking pixels from functioning. “Mail Privacy Protection” will hide users’ IP address and location details from email senders. This will also prevent software that tracks whether or not a message has been opened from functioning.


The company is also adding new “app privacy reports,” which will surface more detailed information about how third-party apps are tracking your activity. The new reports, which build on the app “nutrition labels,” will show detailed stats on what sensors and data is collected by apps and how much time they are in use.

The reports will also show what other domains are contacted while you’re using the app, so you can get an idea of who else the app may be sharing data with.


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