The Creepiest Things You Can Find In Resident Evil Village

Even though it is a common presence following Dimitrescu’s Castle, doors bearing the ‘unborn wing sigil’ are the stuff of gothic nightmares. A fetus-like organism lays curled in a ring that is lined with severed crow wings. While players will likely acclimate to the sight given its frequency, the image never quite stops being disturbing, serving as a grim, extremely graphic reminder of Ethan’s central quest.

Like the animal corpses, crucified bodies, and blood lake, the severed crow wings suggest an element of bloody, old world magic. And the fetus at the center of the sigil is an obvious representation of Ethan’s missing daughter, Rose. Indeed, as players progress through the story, characters will make repeated references to Rose, and the sacrificial ritual that Mother Miranda plans on performing. 

If there is a unifying theme across “Resident Evil 8,” it would probably be living through a parent’s worst nightmare — and few nightmares are more traumatizing and bleak than complications relating to conception and birth.

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