Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut Release Date, Trailer, And Gameplay

According to the official Steam page, “Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut” includes all of the central features that defined the original point-and-click adventure bundled alongside a host of upgrades and extras.

Typical of the genre, “Kathy Rain” consists of investigation, character interactions, and puzzle solving — a process that involves studying the objects in each scene, choosing your responses carefully, and a lot of potential notetaking. The director’s cut expands the narrative with an extended ending, more dialogue, and fresh environments to comb through. You also have “several new major puzzle chains” to resolve, with some of the previous puzzles boasting small updates or alterations. For those who want to personalize their ride, the developers have also provided five new Katmobile customizations for players to unlock.

As Clifftop has completely rebuilt the game in the Unity engine, “Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut” offers major visual improvements that span aspects like character animations and weather effects. Further, it has abandoned the 320×240 resolution of the original in favor of a completely full screen experience. “Streamlined mouse control” and comprehensive controller support also make it much easier to take advantage of the refined interface and play the way you want. Barring any unpleasant surprises, “Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut” could be on track to become one of 2021’s best adventure games.

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