The Real Reason Hey You, Pikachu! Bombed

Some thought that the game was too simple — childishly so. Nintendojo wrote that, despite the positive qualities, the game lacked the engagement to entice “anyone over the age of 9.” IGN even compared the hide-and-seek mini-game to a video game version of peek-a-boo.

Nothing kills a game quicker than awful controls, and reviewers singled out this game’s controls as being particularly poor. For example, IGN reported that the first-person camera made it difficult to follow Pikachu as it zoomed around the area. Some Redditors believe that the game also tailored its voice technology to pick up children’s voices better than adult ones, but the voice recognition tech could have just been primitive.

“A Pokémon Picnic,” one of the most infamous missions, involved gathering picnic ingredients for a meal. Players remember with “infuriating nostalgia” how Pikachu, despite their best efforts to shout into the microphone, would sometimes eat their hard-earned fruits and vegetables. If Pikachu messed up the ingredients, then the picnickers wolfed down an inedible meal.

Despite its faults, some fondly remember “Hey You, Pikachu!” In fact, a fair share of fans admit to enjoying the game. GameSpot rated the game 8.3 out of 10, calling it a “highly addictive game that both children and adults can enjoy,” though the review pointed out it would mostly appeal to younger audiences. Even though “Hey You, Pikachu!” objectively bombed, it remains a cherished memory in the hearts of some players.

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