Amazon is selling wired-charging Apple AirPods for $120

To remind you, Apple updated its classic AirPods last year with improved wireless performance while preserving the same solid battery life. With a new H1 chip, they connect more quickly while letting you seamlessly switch between multiple Apple devices like an iPad and MacBook. The always-on listening also makes it easier to talk to Siri, and the voice assistant sounds more natural, to boot.

As before, the AirPods have decent sound quality and allow for about five hours of music listening. If that’s not enough, and you’re not near a wall outlet, the charging case typically provides four to five extra full charges. The design doesn’t use ear tips like the AirPods Pro, but if you like the fit of classic wired EarPods, you’ll probably like the AirPods, too.

The models on sale don’t include a wireless charging case, but you’ll get a speedier charge using a cable anyway. The $40 discount represents a 25 percent savings, so if you’ll been holding out for a deal, you might not see something better for a while.

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