TikTok owner ByteDance sues Tencent in China

Two of China’s most visible tech companies are going to court. On Tuesday, TikTok owner ByteDance sued Tencent, according to Bloomberg. ByteDance claims Tencent broke the country’s antitrust laws by blocking people from accessing content from Douyin on WeChat and QQ. Tencent’s messaging apps need no introduction. Between the two of them, they have close to 2 billion monthly active users. Douyin, meanwhile, is a more expansive version of TikTok that is only available in China.  

ByteDance is asking the court for approximately $14 million in compensation from Tencent and to stop the company’s actions. ”We believe that competition is better for consumers and promotes innovation,” a spokesperson for ByteDance told Bloomberg. “We have filed this lawsuit to protect our rights and those of our users.” 

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