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Apple e Hyundai produrranno la priva vettura nel 2024

Emergono nuovi dettagli sul possibile accordo tra Apple e Hyundai per la produzione della prima auto elettrica a guida autonoma dell’azienda di Cupertino.

According to reports from some Korean media , Apple and Hyundai will sign the agreement by March and then start the very early stages of development of the Apple Car . The actual production of Apple’s self-driving car is expected to begin in 2024 in the United States, with the two companies building the cars at the subsidiary Kia Motors’ plant in Georgia. However, an investment in the creation of a new factory in the United States is not excluded.

Apple and Hyundai plan to produce 100,000 vehicles in 2024 , and then reach a current production capacity of 400,000 units. The first tests of a “beta” version of the Apple Car could instead begin as early as 2022.

However, the timing shared today by Korea IT News seems rather optimistic, given that thinking of a very first version of the Apple Car in 2022 and production in 2024 does not coincide with what is reported by Bloomberg and Kuo, according to which the first Apple cars will arrive in 2028 .

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